WordPress Development

Why WordPress?


WordPress is by far the most used content management system, occupying the first place with more then 60% and still growing.

Easy to setup

Most of hosting companies offer a one click installation and some, like  Siteground, even offer a one click staging environment which simplifies the development even more. 

Easy to use

It’s powerful editor is easy to use and allows for easy content formatting.


Thousands of free and paid plugins and themes can help you customize your website to fit your needs and save hours of development.

Good vs Bad Development

Bad development can have a huge negative impact on your site.

  • It can cripple your website speed and performance.
  • It can cause poor search engine optimization.
  • It can prevent scaling and further development.

Instead, good development will

  • Increase the speed and user experience of your website.
  • Make it easier to manage in the future.
  • Prevent security issues.

WordPress coding standards that I follow

  • HTML coding standards.
  • JavaScript coding standards.
  • PHP coding standards.
  • CSS coding standards.

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